Player Ratings

In February 2021, work began to develop a Player Rating system for use nationally and at our local A.E. Cross club.

The Board of Directors identified that there was a need to better evaluate and group similarly skilled players and a methodology to provide players developmental feedback.

Riva Mackie (Coach), Anna Pentland (Coach) and Tyler Charkie (Board Member) collaborated on the project and this serves as an update to A.E. Cross members. The ambitious project objective was: Establish an effective system and the associated tools and processes to evaluate and rate Padel players of all different skill levels in Canada.

The Board of Directors is happy to report that we are well on our way. There are some improvements to announce for the 2021 season and for continued work in the Fall/Winter 2021/22.


Players will be rated in a 1 to 7 manner - 1.0 being low and 7.0 being high. Within the 1-7 ranking there are three distinct clusters of players: beginner (D/E), intermediate (B/C) and advanced (A). The highest level of advanced (Open) being semi-professional and professional players.

Player Rating snip.PNG


  1. Development of a more detailed player rating by stroke/skill

  2. Evaluation of each individual skill on the 1-7 scale

  3. Endorsement by PAC as the Canadian standard for padel player evaluation, used by clubs beyond AE Cross and shared with other nations

We’re excited for these improvements and are confident the adoption of the player rating system and weekly ladder will result in better experience for all in 2021’s Organized Play. We’re equally excited for a more detailed player rating system for 2022 and beyond. The development of these tools will give players a road-map for improvement and padel teaching professionals a functional framework for coaching and instruction.

The Board of Directors extends a special thank you to Riva and Anna for all of their hard work on this. Their generosity with sharing their knowledge and time on this project greatly supports the growth of our local club and the growth of padel in Canada.