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Coaching requirements, information and registration

Padel Association of Canada

Padel Association of Canada is the National Governing Body for Padel in Canada. Through its partnership with Padel MBA, it has developed a compliant Coaching and Instructor Program.


All Padel MBA Coaching and Instructor programs are compliant with PAC standards


The Padel Association of Canada Coaching Certification Program has the following objectives:


  • To offer a standard of excellence in coaching practice.

  • To provide a structure whereby coaches can be certified appropriate to their teaching context and continue to develop professionally.

  • To ensure the integration of the Coaching Certification Program into an overall strategy of coaching education

  • To improve the level of performance and competence of Canadian padel coaches and their students

  • To lead in long‐term padel athlete development and widespread practice of padel

  • To ensure player safety.


PAC believes


That sport leads to individual and community growth:

  • The significant benefits of sports should be accessible to individuals throughout their lives.

  • Sport provides the means for individuals to learn dedication, discipline, perseverance, teamwork, strengthen character, and develop self‐confidence.

  • Sport brings people in communities together and is an essential element in strengthening community life.

  • Coaching is a fulfilling experience because it fosters meaningful relationships with athletes and participants, other coaches, and the community and provides opportunities for personal growth.

That coaching is the primary influence on the quality of a participant’s sports experience:

  • From the playground to podium, the presence of competent and ethical coaches positively impacts sport participation, performance, and the lives of those they coach.

That competent and ethical coaches are essential to the provision of a safe and positive sport environment:

  • Earning public trust obligates coaches to meet established standards for safety, ethical behavior, and competency.

  • Standards allow individuals, families, and communities to identify and select competent and ethical coaches who will protect the physical and psychological safety of participants and athletes.


That coaching requires lifelong learning:

  • Coach education improves a coach’s ability to meet the needs of participants and athletes.

  • Coaches have a responsibility to continually learn and use the most effective means of working with their participants and athletes.

That inclusion must be the hallmark of Canada’s sport environment:

  • Barriers to coaching that result from gender, physical ability, sexuality, religion, culture, language, or region of the coach should be eliminated.

  • Affirmative strategies address historical under‐participation or systemic bias.

The Benefits of Certification

Obtaining certification is an important life‐time achievement. As a certified Padel Association of Canada Coach, your students will know that you have achieved the highest standards in Canada for padel coaching and adhere to best‐practices in coaching.

Padel Association of Canada certified Coaches enjoy many benefits that positively affect their coaching business and professional lives.


  • Full time or a Part time career

  • Recognition by peers both locally and nationally

  • Certification is portable throughout Canada

  • Proof of Professional Development, First aid and Criminal Record Search

  • Promotion of safe player practices

  • Ability to mentor other coach and instructor candidates


The Padel Association of Canada provides coaches with the tools necessary to make the padel experience safe and enjoyable for all participants, and to develop excellence in coaching.

As in any sport, athletic accomplishment, and teaching or coaching are separate skillsets. Being a good athlete or accomplished trainer does not necessarily give a coach/instructor the skills for being an effective teacher and coach.

Padel Canada Certifications

PAC recognized that coaches work in many different contexts, and certification programs have been developed to fit the different models.

How to Choose the Right Certificate

The level of certification that is right for you as a coach, depends on the context in which you do most of your teaching and coaching. If you would like to become a coach, you would choose the certificate appropriate to the context of the students you work with the most (ie: competitive vs. non‐competitive).

Available Certifications

certificate padel coach squre.png

Designed to start or improve your professional career.

certificate padel coach plus square.png

For professionals who want to broaden their knowledge.

certificate padel coach kids square.png

A specific methodology to develop your career with kids.

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